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Nick Vulich is an armchair historian. He has been a voracious reader most of his life, devouring just about any work with a historical bent.

His favorite reads are turn of the century magazines - Harper's Weekly, Harper's New Monthly, Munsey's, The World's Work, and Technical World. The news reported in them may not always be accurate, but they add a great flavor to what you know about the period,and they have some of the best historical pictures and illustrations that you will ever find.

Most of his readers know him as history-bytes, the name he used to sell historical collectibles on eBay and Amazon. Many people find it hard to believe, but Nick sold over 30,000 articles and pictures removed from old magazines and books. 

After they get a handle on what he sold, the next question was always "WHY?"

Who would buy a handful of pages torn out a magazine or a book? It sounds crazy, but some of his customers included: the White House Historical Society, the Royal Museum of Jamaica, the Fort Sill Museum, and dozens of castles and historical societies scattered across Europe.

Most recently, Nick has written several books about how to sell on eBay, Amazon, Fiverr, and Etsy. Most recently he has turned his eye to historical writing. His recent book - History-Bytes: 37 People, Places, and Events That Shaped American History was a bestseller on Amazon, reaching as high as number three in the Kindle Free Store.

Nick is currently at work on a collection of western stories, Shot All to Hell: Badass Outlaws and Lawmen of the Old West. It should be available in June of 2016.

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