Monday, July 4, 2016

Can Cartoons Predict the Winner of a Presidential Election - Cartoon Trump, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Candidate Donald Trump - Part 1

The creators of Family Guy got Donald Trump's
 dander up when they released this image in an
attempt to win the Emmy Award.
Are cartoons a good predictor of real life?

A 2000 episode of The Simpson’s foretold the election of Donald Trump, and the eventual bankruptcy of the country due to Trump’s spendthrift policies.

How’d it all happen?

During a drug-induced (?) hallucination Bart catches a glimpse of a weird alternate future, where he is a loser, musician wannabe, and Lisa is president.  Our first view of Lisa shows her decked out in her best purple outfit, as she gets ready to address the nation. Right off the bat, she clears the air, and lets everyone know she is the “first straight female president.” Then she gets down to business.

Secretary Millhouse stands on the stage next to Lisa. He displays a chart that shows the economy’s downward spiral, while he relates the bad news. 

Apparently, the Donald’s decision to invest in our children’s future was a humongous mistake.

In disbelief, Lisa exclaims, “The Country’s broke! How can that be?”

The short answer, apparently, had something to do with “midnight basketball,” and “the balanced breakfast program,” among other failed initiatives introduced during the Trump presidency.

In the end, Bart tells Lisa about his vision. He somewhat distorts the truth to his benefit when he tells her how incredible his future is going to be, and how he will become part of a kickass band. When Lisa asks about her future, Bart implies she has some lame-ass job with the government.

We could leave it there, but Donald Trump made a mysterious return to the Simpsons in a 90 second short produced in 2015, called The Trumptastic Voyage.

The video starts off with a Trump aid cornering Homer on the street. “Can you hold a sign? Do you want fifty bucks? Do you care who the next president will be?” 

The next time we see Homer, he’s at a Trump rally holding a sign that says “paid.” Then he’s riding on an escalator behind Trump, daydreaming about the great man’s hair. Homer can’t help but wonder, "if he touches it, will it cure his baldness."

Similar to Alice’s fall down into the rabbit hole, the Donald’s hair reaches back and yanks Homer in. And, he is off on a wild, psychedelic, hair induced journey, where he confronts Big Foot, Amelia Earhart, and a giant pink slip from Macy’s that tells Trump to get lost. The final scene, shows the Secret Service as they dump Homer on a street corner.

But that wasn't the end of it. 

In February of 2016, the gang at The Simpsons released another short video focusing on the campaign. In this one, Marge awakens from a nightmare where she can't escape all the voices of the campaign that keep floating around in her head. 

Homer does his best to comfort Marge.

"I know things look bad now, but just try to visualize another America. One where Republicans, Democrats, and Donald Trump all get along."

And, just like that, the candidates are lined up on stage singing "How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You."

The Donald breaks into a dance spinning around on the floor. Spinning on that fantastic hair. And, that's when it all begins to fall apart. Trump gets up, shakes his flowing hair back into place, and proclaims, "I was perfect. The rest of you morons were flat."

A brawl breaks out between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio begins dancing like the Frankenstienian robot he is. The Donald pulls out Rubio's programming CD and snaps it, disabling Rubiostein.

There's much, much more to see. But, in the end, Homer sums things up perfectly. 

"I guess dreaming doesn't work."

"Shhh!," Marge shushes him, "I want to see who wins."

"We all do," says Homer. "We all do."

We just want to get it over, and end the senseless chatter. The crazy voices spinning through space. Just end the chatter about email servers, bankrupt casinos, and disenchanted voters.

Everyone knows these are the two most disliked candidates in American political history.

No one needs to remind us.

And, here's one final video from the Simpsons News Network, that complains about how  no one seems to notice, an episode of the Simpsons gave Trump the idea for the wall around Mexico and many of his immigration policies.

Yes, indeedly do, the ideas were stolen directly from Springfield Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby, the man who blamed illegal immigrants for taxes being so high. And, what was his idea to cure the injustice? A special referendum to decide whether the town should, or should not, deport all illegal aliens. Played, back to back, with Trump's proclamation that "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. " It does seem they have a case.

Even Lisa is suspicious, telling everyone "He's just peddling a bunch of easy answers."

Kent Brockman is more prophetic ending his newscast with the words, "I said it before, I'll say it again. Democracy simply doesn't work."

The framers of the Constitution would agree. Very few of the Founding Fathers believed the choice of President should be left in the hands of the everyday man and woman on the street. None of them. Not Washington, not Hamilton, not Jefferson, not Madison were sure the country was ready for true democracy. That's the reason they created the electoral college, as a final check on who was elected (selected) for president.

What will real life bring? A great wall around Mexico, a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States, or a country bankrupted by a spendthrift Donald Trump?

Your guess is as good as mine. For now, we will leave the speculation to Matt Groening and the gang at the Simpson’s.

*** In Part 2, we'll take a close up look at Cartoon Trump, and his appearances on the Colbert show.

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