Saturday, May 7, 2016

Giuseppe Zangara He Tried To Kill FDR Because he Had A Stomach Ache

Franklin D. Roosevelt was shot at by a man with a stomach ache and a grudge against rich capitalists.

Shooter Giuseppe Zangara was an unemployed Italian American bricklayer, some say an Italian anarchist. The shooting occurred at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida on February 15, 1932.

Zangara was short - only five feet tall, and as such, was forced to stand on a wobbly metal folding chair to get a good view of President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. Five shots rang out that day. Five people were injured. Fortunately for Roosevelt, several people in the crowd attempted to grab Zangara after hearing the first shot, and threw off his aim.

Roosevelt escaped unharmed, but Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak, who was with Roosevelt was shot in the stomach, and soon afterward died from his wounds.

At his trial, Giuseppe Zangara told authorities, “I decide to kill him and make him suffer [Franklin D. Roosevelt] … since my stomach hurt, I want to make even with capitalists by kill the President. My stomach hurt long time.”

Giuseppe Zangara died in the electric chair on March 20, 1933, just over one month after the assassination attempt.

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