Friday, April 15, 2016

Should America Take a Lesson From Thomas Jefferson's Fight With the Tripoli Pirates?

Think terrorism is new? America faced a threat from the Tripoli pirates over 200 years ago. John Adams favored bribing the terrorists. Thomas Jefferson felt the war was the only way to stop such a threat. 
In case you're wondering when Jefferson became president he kicked their ass. Maybe we could learn a lesson from the Barbary Wars.
Adams "believed that a war against the Islamic nations would be costly and possibly unwinnable. It would certainly require too large a military force for America's budget." He told Jefferson, "We ought not to fight them at all unless We determine to fight them forever."
Sound familiar. Two centuries ago, John Adams hit the nail on the head. He knew then, what Americans today are just coming to grips with. A war with Islam is impossible for anyone to win. Once started, it's going to be unstoppable.

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